LW Krebs Art

"I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart."  

Vincent Van Gogh

Lori has lived most of her life in Southern California.   She was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1958 and lived there one year before moving to California with her parents. She grew up in Pico Rivera, CA and married her husband in 1976.  They eventually moved to the Inland Empire.  While raising 2 sons she furthered her education at Crafton Hills College and Cal-State San Bernardino.  While at CHC she wanted to major in art but was not confident she could make a living and focused on a plan to teach math. She began her career in education teaching math to 7th graders. Four years later, after attending the University of Redlands and earning an MA, she became a high school counselor.  In 2011, she left her career in education to make art since that is what she truly wanted to do. She and her husband moved to Alabama that same year to be near family and she practiced and took workshops with several professional artists there and around the US.  In 2018 she moved back home to Southern California. Her experiences in life, raising two sons, counseling/teaching teens and being married for over 40 years has given her many ideas to explore in her art. She is self driven and she is constantly practicing and experimenting to develop herself as an artist.

Lori works in mixed media, water based paints and pen and ink. She loves the feel of painting on a canvas and has sold many pieces of her work.  During the pandemic she began exploring pen and ink on paper and discovered that while she was doodling she could mindfully develop images (from the unconscious?) and incorporate them into her drawings.  She loves sharing and teaching this method of mindful doodling with others and offers classes.  Her work borders between reality and fantasy in an eclectic and whimsical manner. Inspiration for her art comes from observing life's musings and will often address current events.  Several people have described her pen and ink work as magical. She currently lives in Banning, CA and shows her work at Redlands Art Association, the Artist's Council at Palm Desert and is a participant with the 52 project at the Riverside Art Museum in Riverside, CA.