LW Krebs Art

Classes and Group Workshops

Introduction to Mindful Doodling

You don't have to know how to draw a straight line or be an artist to doodle.  If you are an artist this class will open yourself to new ideas in your own work.  In my introduction class we will explore lines, shapes and the feel of ink on paper where there are no mistakes and no stress to have a particular outcome.

Beyond the Doodle!  

Once you have started doodling you may find you want to draw even more and with an objective in mind. In this class we will explore doodling within a landscape, portrait or still life to develop your style.

Group Doodle Workshops

Do you have a group of people that need an outlet from the daily activities of life?  Learning Mindful Doodling will benefit well-being, give left brain thinking a break and explore right brain creativity. A mindful 1-2 hour workshop with all materials supplied at your location.   

Please call me or use the contact button for information on classes  and leave your phone number if you would like to talk.

Give your employees an afternoon off!

A fun and different way to give your employees a break from the daily stresses of work.  ‚ÄčBeing creative can help bring your workers together and relieve stress.  

Commission a Pen and Ink Pet Portraits

I love animals and like to capture their whimsical qualities. Send me a photo of your pet, give me an idea about your pet's personality and I will do a whimsical portrait of your pet.  Starting at $100 (includes shipping) for an 8"x10" original artwork with black or white mat.

Other Commissions: Please contact me.